Agricola Federica

The company ”Agricola Federica Società Semplice” is made up of four members: Piero Barnabà, his wife Maria Rosa Marconcini, their daughter Barbara Barnabà and her husband GianCarlo Marocchi. It deals with totally organic farm activity on about 800 hectares of land, partly owned and partly rented by the society itself.

In addition to the primary activity the company manages the “ holiday farm Manuela”, located on Bubano country estate, a riding-ground, a hunting reserve named “La Coccinella” consisting of 670 hectares, a private centre for wild animals reproduction named “Cà di Guzzo” consisting of 200 hectares. Furthermore, on behalf of the province of Bologna the company manages the snow discharge along the provincial road Sillaro and produces clean energy thanks to a photovoltaic field with a power of 300kw and to 5 wind-blades on its ground, as a whole of 16, of the wind-field “Casoni di Romagna”.

The estates managed by the company “Agricola Federica Società Semplice” are: Bubano farm, Casoni di Romagna, Cà di Guzzo, some fields in Poggio, Corsellini, Le Pioppe and Gaveruzza near Sassoleone, Cà di Zotto in Fontanelice, Ronco in Moraduccio.